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Papworth Hospital, UK

  • Elimination of prescription errors
  • Improved patient care due to standardisation
  • Guidance at the point of care

“MetaVision is a great information platform that has allowed us to support numerous complex clinical pathways in our busy ICU. The ease of customisation is its greatest strength in helping us to develop and support new initiatives and to ensure that the system remains up to date and valuable to all staff members.”

Dr. Alain Vuylsteke
Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

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University Hospital Southampton NHS, UK

  • Better patient care & outcomes and blood glucose control
  • Reduced costs
  • Data continuity

"MetaVision SafeTrack will track the early warning score, giving us much better visibility of patient deterioration than in the past, and enabling a quicker and more appropriate response. Having vital sign data on the same platform as the critical care data is compelling for us, and will facilitate simple transition of patients across different levels of acuity."

Adrian Byrne
Director of Information Management & Technology

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West Suffolk Hospital, UK

  • iMDsoft provides West Suffolk Hospital with automatic reporting for ICNARC & Critical Care Minimum Data Set
  • Elimination of manual data entry saves time and reduces administrative burden and errors

“Before we had the ICNARC/CCMDS module, all data was collected on paper, and I was reliant on nursing and medical staff for manually completing the forms. The module now extracts this data out of MetaVision for me. When I export the data each month, I can identify errors and see warnings which highlight missing or incorrect information. It has certainly made my job much easier.”

Sheila Goodman
Audit and Research Sister, Critical Care, West Suffolk Hospital

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Queensland Health, Australia

  • Single configuration across the network with flexibility at site level
  • Near 50% increase in safe medication prescribing
  • Advanced research capability

"Our collaboration with iMDsoft has been a success. The time frame for the implementation process was relatively short, and user adoption was fast. We have already delivered on our goal of increased patient safety, and are now starting to see the benefits of streamlined workflow and expanded research capabilities.”

Dr. Brent Richards
Director of Intensive Care, Queensland Health

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CHUV, Switzerland

  • 5 kg less weight loss per burn patient
  • Shortened reporting time by 30 minutes per shift
  • Mean increase of energy delivery by 415 calories per day per ICU patient

“MetaVision has made nutrition information visible to nurses and clinicians, enabling anticipation of nutrient delivery and preventing the build-up of energy deficit. This holistic view of the patient improves treatment integration as well as patient safety and treatment accuracy.”

Pr. Mette M. Berger
Service of Adult Critical Care Medicine, CHUV

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Hôpital Paul Brousse, France

  • Nearly 50% reduction in clinician’s coding time
  • 70% reduction in coding errors
  • $300,000 increase in revenue capture

“MetaVision enables us to adhere to complicated coding and billing procedures of the French medical system. As a result, clinicians spend less time on coding and coding is more accurate. This has all led to better compliance with the CCAM system and increased revenue for the hospital.”

Docteur Eric Levesque
Hôpital Paul Brousse

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Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center, Israel

  • Decreased use of ineffective PONV drug by 13%
  • Increased number of patients who got the correct dosage by over 20%
  • Decreased number of patients who got the PONV drug too early by 25%

"We’ve been using MetaVision for four years now, and it has dramatically improved our adherence to PONV treatment protocols such as correct drug choice, correct dose, and correct time of administration. Thanks to MetaVision, our anesthesia records don’t get lost anymore. MetaVision’s data retrieval capabilities have been invaluable for our quality assurance programs and research.”

Dr. Alexander Avidan
Department of Anaesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine, Hadassah Ein Kerem

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Jönköping county council, Sweden

  • Data continuity across departments and hospitals
  • Uniform clinical workflows and care plans
  • Easier enforcement of clinical best practices and protocols
  • Rich database for performance analysis, benchmarking and research

“MetaVision greatly improved collaboration among our three hospitals. We can now standardise processes and quickly introduce changes when necessary. The system facilitates cooperation among specialties and provides caregivers with the specific data they need to make informed decisions.”

Martin Holmer
Physician, Surgery & Intensive Care, Länssjukhuset Ryhov

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Sydney Adventist Hospital

  • Near 100% capture of data for billing
  • Quicker patient rounds for intensivists
  • Automated medication calculation and decision support

"MetaVision has made a huge difference in how we work. Legible, accurate patient files can be seen at any workstation by multiple caregivers simultaneously. The online ordering system enables specialists to access the system remotely and send messages to the staff. The coding and billing processes are much easier, and of course, getting more money back faster is a major advantage.”

Arash Oskooi
Clinical application specialist

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