iMDsoft provides West Suffolk Hospital with automatic reporting for ICNARC & CCMDS

iMDsoft provides West Suffolk Hospital with automatic reporting for ICNARC & CCMDS


Elimination of manual data entry saves time and reduces administrative burden and errors

About West Suffolk Hospital
West Suffolk Hospital, a community hospital with 430 beds, serves a population of 275,000 within an area of 600 square miles. The critical care unit at West Suffolk Hospital provides elective and emergency care for level 2 and level 3 patients.

The Need
West Suffolk Hospital sought to replace their existing Clinical Information System (CIS) in order to become a completely paperless unit, with automated clinical documentation, order management and clinical decision support. The hospital looked for a system with the flexibility to meet their changing needs. Further, the hospital had begun reporting to the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre (ICNARC), and required a system that would automatically produce the required data in an acceptable format. Nurse workload was a key consideration. The hospital sought to collect ICNARC data without increasing administrative burden for the Audit nurses, and to automatically capture Critical Care Minimum Data Set (CCMDS) rather than have nurses record it manually.

"Before we had the ICNARC/CCMDS module, all data was collected on paper, and I was reliant on nursing and medical staff for manually completing the forms. The module now extracts this data out of MetaVision for me. When I export the data each month, I can identify errors and see warnings which highlight missing or incorrect information. It has certainly made my job much easier."

Sheila Goodman
Audit and Research Sister, Critical Care

The solution
West Suffolk Hospital formed a project group that conducted an extensive evaluation of available solutions. The group concluded that MetaVision was the best fit for their requirements. They were impressed with the system’s adaptability, which enables the hospital to easily and quickly tailor the system to meet their clinical and operational needs. Clinicians can configure the system in accordance with how they work and incorporate new processes at any point.

MetaVision was successfully implemented in the critical care unit in November 2010. The hospital now has comprehensive, accurate, and actionable electronic medical records for their ICU. The system automatically collects and displays patient information every minute and offers tools for clinical assessment and care planning. Its decision support and reporting options promote the delivery of best practices, protocols, and regulatory requirements.

ICNARC and CCMDS data is now automatically captured, supporting departmental reimbursement. Clinicians work as usual, and the required data is collected without any extra effort on their part. CCMDS data is exported every month, saving valuable time and enabling staff to concentrate on providing quality patient care. West Suffolk submits information to ICNARC every quarter without employing extra audit personnel. Checks are made before submission to ensure data quality, and amendments are made as necessary. West Suffolk receives the full reimbursement they are due for their activities. The new workflow minimises nursing workload by reducing the number of forms to be completed on admission and at every shift, and eliminates manual data collection issues such as errors and omissions.


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