Digitize your COVID-19 response,
enhance the safety of clinicians and patients,
and improve outcomes with a best-in-class patient data
management system.

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MetaVision Suite - Clinical Information Systems
with proven results

CIS of choice - Corporate, UK & Germany


  • Standardisation of medication and clinical protocols
  • Fast and efficient implementation methodology
  • Reduced hardware and project costs




Our new electronic observation system automates multiple MEWS & nursing score calculations and features smart alerts for detecting patient deterioration.

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MetaVision is designed to deliver results in critical care


  • Highest cost
  • Highest mortality
  • Highest morbidity


  • Drives patient throughput
  • High-cost complications
  • High-risk procedures

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The next generation of MetaVision is here! Developed with latest technology, MetaVision 6 has a fresh intuitive graphical user interface and exciting new functionality.  Improve patient safety with advanced electronic medication management. See all your patients at a glance and effectively manage patient care. System improvements deliver better performance, reduced latency and improved scalability. 

Leading hospitals worldwide choose MetaVision

  • Kings-College
  • St-Vincents
  • Papworth
  • Sheffield
  • West-Suffolk
  • Galway
  • Royal-Hospiatl-for-sick-children-Yorkhill
  • NHS_new 1
  • Royal-Hospital-for-Sick-Children-Edinburgh
  • Paul-Brousse
  • Paoli-Calmettes
  • Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital logo white
  • CHU Bordeaux
  • Universitäts-Herzzentrum Freiburg, Bad Krozingen logo
  • kerckhoff
  • Kliniken Maria Hilf logo white
  • BGU
  • UKR
  • Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg - logo white
  • CHUV
  • HUG
  • NSW
  • QLD Government
  • Alberta
  • Sunnybrook
  • Barnes Jewish logo white
  • Sorost
  • Landstinget logo white
  • Uppsala logo white
  • vasterbotten
  • UZL
  • OLVG
  • Hadassah
  • Sheba
  • Bakirkoy
  • The_Hospital_for_Sick_Children
  • st.-elisabeth-hospital-herten
  • United_Christian_Hospital
  • Zolder2
  • St.JosefB


  • 23 Sep

    Imland Klinik Rendsburg, Germany, chooses MetaVision for its ICU

    Imland Klinik Rendsburg has become the first hospital in the state of Schleswig-Holstein to go live with MetaVision, iMDsoft’s flagship clinical information system, in its ICU. Future plans include rollout of MetaVision to the hospital’s OR and to its Eckernförde site.

  • 27 Jul

    iMDsoft® selects IMS MAXIMS as their Channel Partner for the MetaVision® Clinical Information System in the UK and Ireland

    iMDsoft and IMS MAXIMS are pleased to announce a channel partnership, according to which IMS MAXIMS will exclusively market the MetaVision Suite to hospitals in the UK and Ireland, and provide training, implementation, and support to MetaVision customers in these markets.

    iMDsoft partners with leading healthcare technology companies globally through its channel partner program, which applies to the entire MetaVision Suite for critical care, anaesthesia (perioperative) and acute care units. The program enables iMDsoft to focus on product development and enhancement of the MetaVision Suite for the benefit of clinicians and patients. On their part, the selected channel partners are empowered, as part of the program, to lead sales activities in their respective markets, and provide implementation and support services, leveraging their physical proximity to the customers.

    In selecting a channel partner for the UK and Ireland, it was paramount to iMDsoft to find a reputable company with demonstratable success in the implementation and support of related products, so that existing and future customers would continue to get excellent service and attention. IMS MAXIMS has been active in both the UK and Ireland for more than 30 years, with a strong emphasis on both innovation and quality of service, attributes which are closely and strategically aligned with the values of iMDsoft.

    Together, the two companies will have an excellent coverage of both the UK and Ireland and allow customers the choice of a state-of-the-art clinical information system with a solid track record of interoperability, either as part of a best-of-breed approach, or as a turnkey solution.

  • 21 Apr

    MetaVision expansion in Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, UK

    Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, one of the largest teaching hospitals in the UK, is supplementing its existing MetaVision implementation – first launched in 1999 – by implementing MetaVision in its Cardiac ICUs and HDUs. The rollout is scheduled to commence later this year.


  • 20 Apr

    iMDsoft announces Dedalus as their Channel Partner in Australia and New Zealand for MetaVision Clinical Information System

    iMDsoft Ltd. and Dedalus are pleased to announce their Channel Partner Agreement, authorizing Dedalus to distribute MetaVision licenses and services, and support customers in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).

    Through its Channel Partner program, iMDsoft partners with leading healthcare technology companies around the world, empowering them to implement and support MetaVision solutions for critical care, anaesthesia (perioperative) and acute care units at local hospitals in their regions.

    The Channel Partner Program allows iMDsoft to focus on product development for MetaVision, while certified Channel Partners provide first-rate service and support on a local level. With the addition of Dedalus, iMDsoft now has 11 Channel Partners operating globally.

    As the ANZ Channel Partner, Dedalus will manage all MetaVision business in Australia and New Zealand. iMDsoft selected Dedalus ANZ as their Channel Partner due to their ability to provide the highest level of service for digital healthcare products and their proven record as a leader in managing clinical and acute care solutions in large-scale private and public healthcare organisations.


  • 24 Feb

    Rendsburg Hospital, Germany, has chosen MetaVision for implementation in over twenty of its ICU beds

    The Imland gGmbH, part of a network of six hospitals, has decided to implement MetaVision in over twenty of its intensive care beds at its Rendsburg site. A further rollout to ICU, OR and PACU beds is planned as the project progresses. The first go-live in this step-by-step project is planned for the second half of 2021.

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